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Summer Vacation 2004
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Maine, New York.

Our latest vacation and my last family vacation!
Don't know what i'm doing for *spring break* .  My family is going to Yosemite.  I might stay home or visit NC and go hang gliding, depending on who can come with me.

We went to Maine first, stopping in Massachusits (did i spell that right?) on the way.  Me and my sister dubed it Massachu-shit, because there was absolutely nothing to do there.  Then we stayed in Maine for about a week, and New York  for about another week. 

In New York, there was a game-room at the camp ground. Yes. we were camping.  So we spent most of the time playing pool.  (Me and my sister and I).  Other than that, there was hiking, fishing, kayaking, rafting, and ...eating.  Oh, and hiding from "stalker kid".  I missed you guys! I'm glad i'm back home. <3.

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...Maine, New York...